Hoi! leuk dat je op mijn blog komt kijken.
Ik hoop dat je mijn kaartjes leuk vind. Ik vind het leuk als je een reactie achterlaat! Als je op een foto klikt dan word hij groter, dan kan je hem beter zien.

Xx. Jacky

maandag 21 februari 2011

I'm in a creative mood! ;)

Finally i've made some stuff. I haven't got school this week, so i have more time to make some nice things now!
This time a card, and a few other things.

First of all, my shopping wish-list!! i made a collage with fashion plates!
Most of the stuff is from shop.hm.com.  I really wanna have things, look like these!, Anyway, I'd really like the result!

And this is the card i made:

I saw the idea of the curled pieces  in a scrap magazine and i think it's really cool!!

And then, i saw on sandra's blog something called zentangle. I searched for it on google, and I think al the pictures are veeeeryy special!!!
I thought,   hmhh,, that do i wanna try! And, yeaahh,   I just started with drawing, and.... this is the result:

Sorry, that the paper looks bleu, but it's white!!!!!

Sooo, thanks for watching, please leave a comment!